Ruthie Lou turns two.

My sweet gal turned two yesterday. 

       So naturally I made some tassles. 

She loves this guy.

.....and these shoes.

This has become one of my favorite 'Mom duties'. 

She has a hold of my heart strings for sure.... Like no one else before her.
I love you Roofie Roo. 


Ruthie Lou

Wow, it's been over a year since I've blogged..... I kinda feel like a big loser..... but, here I am, and here we go, I am recommiting myself! It's been a crazy year for me, It's been a struggle in lots of ways and quite frankly everytime I think about sitting down to blog, the thought that follows is typically something like.... "I'm going to nap/clean/feed my child/bathe my child/bathe myself/do laundry/make dinner/stare at the T.V./etc." But tonight as I rocked sweet Ruthie Lou to sleep I found myself thinking about how much I love that little bug and how I was living in a moment that I want to remember, and so I SHALL BLOG!
She is something else.... such a unique little being. She looks as if she knows something that I sure don't, something good, and I think that is pretty special. I feel like at times she's so overcome with joy that it could almost just burst out of her into a million little flecks of happiness :) and then there's the moments where you can look in those pretty little eyes and feel a peace and calm just radiate from within.
I am blessed.



Well, I haven't posted in like..... a while.... and I'm using the excuse that I've been busy with PROJECTS! I get really excited about new sewing, crafting, cooking etc. projects; and then I start them....... I know I'm not the only one out there who quickly looses motivation after beginning a new endevour, but after Mike informed me he wouldn't allow me to start making a headboard until after my chair upholstering was finished, I got to thinking, I'm going to try a little harder to finish what I start, within an acceptable time table.... and.... I'm glad to say in the last month, I haven't done too bad! I think the excitement and pressure of the Christmas season has helped:) Here are a few of my latest! ( I think showing off a little adds some extra motivation.)
Here we have 2 books that I "created" through Shutterfly.com. It was quite time consuming; I think I might be.... dare I say.... a bit of a perfectionist, but when they arrived in the mail, it really was like my Christmas morning! They turned out AWESOME! and I can't wait for Jace and Olli to open them on their Christmas morn!
This is a pic of one of the 4 stockings I made this year for my little family. I searched for some to buy and couldn't find anything I had to have.... so, I decided to WHIP SOME UP! and by whip, I mean spending way more time than anticipated bent over strips of fabric unpicking and stiching, over and over. But I love em!
These are 2 "Ugly Dolls" I created for some of Jace and Olive's best buddies. Evan gets the green monkey, Kade, the blue bat!! They're the CuTeSt UgLy Dolls!

So this here my friends, is one of those unfinished projects I was talking about earlier...... ya know the chair.... My dear friend has been helping me with it, but with this crazy time of year, we came to a bit of a stand still.... and quite frankly, for the last few weeks, I've been too scared to venture forward on my own.... BUT, I have decided that I'm going to just go for it, and see what happens..... Don't worry, I'll have Mari on speed dial in case of emergencies. I really am excited about this little chair. It is going to be fabulous, I know it! Hopefully I'll be posting real soon with a picture of a completed red houndstoothed chair!! Wish me luck! And good luck to all you fellow Project seekers!!
and a Merry Christmas!


Nothing like a good flick.

Okay, so while Mike's away, I tend to watch alot of flicks.... especially a good romance flick. I was lying in bed the other night watching Always, and thought to myself, "I just love a good romance, and I need some more movie ideas...." To me, there's almost nothing better than a good romance film. I just LOVE EM! and to me a romance film isn't just about the kissing and passion and.... whatnot ;) it's about the feeling it gives you. That delicious feeling. The last little while, since Mike's been away I've watched some goodies.... Australia, Sabrina, Always, Pride and Prejudice. It's been fun. So..... anyway.... I want you to give me some suggestions! Your top favorite Romance Films of all time!!! Here's mine, in no particular order:

1: Sabrina (the original, with Audrey and Humphrey)

2: Pride and Prejudice (I love all the versions, but I can't lie, I like the Keira Version, it's got alot of Hollywood added to it and it's kinda over the top, which I love:)

3:Dan in Real Life (So good!)

4: Roman Holiday (Not only one of the best Romantic Films, but I dare say my favorite Film ever!)

5: It's a Wonderful Life
6: Out of Africa
7: Life is Beautiful
8: ............ The list goes on............